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Anyone paid but get locked anyway?

Well it's simple I pay my account with my credit card and the credit card system show it to me but the system still ask me to pay it again.

Customer service can't see it so they put the fault on me of course so they all me to pay again and I did but now my credit can't take it so it's anyone else with the same situation because in just going to get the credit card processors to refund me for fraud if this is only me I'll just think I'm a moron and go on with my life with a other provider

Fizz customer service were able to refund me for multiple payments of SIM cards. It took about a week or so, but they can initiate the request, so they should be able to do the same about your payments. You will need to send them a snapshot of your credit card online statement. Did they ask you for that?

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Fizz customer service does not have power over this, they always need to escalate this kind of problem. This is the biggest problem, the powerless customer service.

Hi Zexxia,

It could also be possible that there is a block on your credit card. It happened to me last week, I did some overnight purchases and my credit card company put a block on which prevented all my pre-authorized transactions to go through.
I'd check with your credit card company first then have the fizz customer service escalate the issue if you'd still like to stay.

The paiement was a successful but still I see then trying over and over and obviously my cc is refusing it since I it s the same amount exactly