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how can I subscribe to the yearly plan for 100 dollars?

I would like to subscribe to the yearly plan for 100 dollars and I didn't know where or how to do it. any help?



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Fizz does not have the 100$ plan, this is not petro canada

Here all the info, you can see that the plan are by month.


If you need a referral code this is mine K61CD, with this code you will receive 25$ to be applied to your 3rd payment.
It is important to add the referral code must be used during the creation of your plan when the taxes are shown

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Hi! Unfortunately, Fizz does not offer the possibility to subscribe to an annual plan. All plans are monthly based and you can easily manage what is inside your offer directly online month by month.

Go on the website for more information.
If you want to subscribe, you can use O1NHB as a referral code and have $25 off on your 3rd payment.

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Sorry, Fizz doesnt have annually plan for 100$.
Fizz offers only prepaid monthly plans.

Sorry, Mike, There is an option for you, AMMAR
I see that Bell sells a precard card calls of 100$ (this prepaid card can be used for a maximum period of 365 days.
Petro-Canada doesnt sell yearly plan but sell prepaid card starting at 35$, one exist for 100$. You need to buy a sim card from petro-canada too.

My friend Diane has bought this year a prepaid card for 100$ it's enough for her needs(in case of emergency).

You need to buy a sim card from them too.



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What kind of plan are you looking for?


Minimum plan with Fizz is about $10 monthly. Any usage of mobile service would require purchase of an add-on or payment at pay-as-you-go rates.


Other carriers like virgin mobile offer limited usage plans. For $5 monthly, you get 10 minutes of talk time. It really depends on your usage needs.

Hmmmm.... wrong franchise. Petro Canada or 7-Eleven do that. I moved over from Petro Canada and so far Fizz meets my needs just right. If you need a $25 discount code, feel free to use mine: IDOUU