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Payment problem, no idea what could be

Hi! I am new in this Fizz community and I am trying to set up an internet installation appointment with my visa debit card but it gets declined, anyone has encountered this issue before?

Thanks in advance!

Can be multiple factors that can block the payment



You can use a Visa or Mastercard credit card (including prepaid), or a Visa Debit card to pay for your Fizz plans.

Other cards such as debit cards, American Express (Amex), Dinners, and others are not accepted. Foreign credit cards are also not accepted.


Once your payment method has been added to your Fizz account, you must associate it to each plan you want to pay with that card. That is not done automatically. To associate your payment method to each of your plans:
1. Log into your Fizz account.
2. Select the plan, and click on Manage/Payment method



When you enter the information for your payment method, the billing address associated to your card must correspond to the address you declared to your bank for that card. The right info must be entered in the corresponding fields, and the address needs to be 100% identical. Pay attention to the following items:

  • The name of the street (Ave, avenue)
  • Special works (Saint, St, Ste)
  • Hyphens
  • Spaces
  • Spelling


Tip: Make a copy and paste of what is written in your bank account.

If the address and postal code that you associate to your payment method are not identical to that declared to your bank, you won’t be able to add this payment method.





If you need a referral code this is mine K61CD, with this code you will receive 25$ to be applied to your 3rd payment.
It is important to add the referral code must be used during the creation of your plan when the taxes are shown

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Your credit card is active? To get help about your Fizz internet plan:
Please, ask for Fizz support.
Use their chat service customer online tomorrow (from 8h00 to 21h00).

First, open a session online and acces to your account. Open a second window in your navigator and type:

A green bubble with appear down to the right of the page.
When you see it, click on it
Your chat session will start.

Or use Facebook: and click: Send message



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Hi Cristian,

Welcome to Fizz, I have seen issues with Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit in the past(never tried with Fizz) but according to BMO and Scotiabank, Visa debit and Mastercard debit would only work if the vendor is in their approved list. If Fizz isn't in the approved list of your financial institution then it will not work. The other thing could also be the an incorrect information such as postal code, CCV code, or expiration date.

Good luck with the sign up



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Contact Fizz. Payment issues sometimes crop up with them it seems.