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Voicemail upgrade pushed back?

I've had the Free Voicemail upgrade on my account for several months. I applied it immediately but it was always greyed out. Last month, when I hovered over it, it showed a bubble stating it would be applied on November 15th, which made sense because that's my billing date. Now I looked at it again and it says December 15th?!?! Are people still having to crawl over hot coals to get their VM upgrade? I heard rumours about this when I first joined Fizz but I thought it would be fixed by now, like the other issues. Do I have to bug them every month to make sure I get my upgrade?

Unfortunately, I think it's a known and repetitive bug of their system.
It's only Fizz customer service who can resolves and helps you about your voicemail upgrade.

Open a session online and go to your account
Tape: any help page:

A green bubble will be visible down on the right page
Click on it and begin to chat with tem.

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It looks like a problem that only their customer service can fix, unfortunately.

I am hoping things are better now, but back in January, I got the free VM upgrade and I already had the voicemail but I was still getting charged. I contacted customer service via FB messenger and they royally messed up my voicemail for an entire month. To the point that when people would call, instead of going to voicemail it would give the message that the number is no longer in service. So I would tread lightly.

yes, it seems that you either need to bug them every month to apply the upgrade OR if it applied just fine, to refund you 1$ every month, as when upgrade applied your plan goes up 1$ and they take off 1$ from that price LOL. I ended up to add more data instead, at least it works better, then free voicemail.