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Pay as you go while travelling?

Hey I’m about to travel to the United States this weekend. When I go to the travel add one page I see the option to pay as you go. It says “ Want to Pay As You Go? Add funds to your Wallet to automatically Pay As You Go.” So I added some funds to my wallet BUT under the wallet page it says “ Add funds to your Wallet to pay as you go the services you use within your coverage area.” this confuses me because the USA is not in my coverage area (my coverage area is Canada). Wondering if anybody knows if I will be able to pay as I go when I am in the states. Thanks.

For the record just so everyone knows, I spoke with fizz through Facebook messenger and they confirmed this is how you use pay as you go while travelling abroad. The sentence that says your wallet is used for your own coverage area is referring to the rates used for your own coverage area that are listed below. Confusing... but wallet is used for any type of pay as you go.

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Your wallet will work only within your coverage area.
For the USA, you need travel add-ons or travel pay-as-you-go. You need to go to myplans, then manage, then travel to buy travel add-ons or travel PAYG.

Eder. I think you’re wrong. Could you explain how somebody would go upon paying as you go in say, China? This screenshot suggests you add money to your wallet to do that.

Angela, I have been grandfathered in to my current plan with introductory pricing, if I make any changes to my plan I will have to pay more per month forever. Making the travel add on / pay as you go the better option for me. Especially because I will only be there for a weekend.

I see your point.
When you go to the travel and pick pay as you go in the USA, they give you the rates for texts, minutes, and data. The rates are different depending on the country. So what Fizz posts under wallet is not right and is confusing . Money in your wallet should work in the USA. To be safe, I would confirm with Fizz so that there is no surprise when you get there.
You can see for some countries, the minute option is not available because you can only get data. I was in the Bahamas in the summer, I had to buy the travel data add-on in order to use the phone there. The minute option was not available for Bahamas. With my Canada USA coverage, everything went well as I was in the USA in the summer.



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I will suggest you to just add travel add-on in your wallet.
In your account:
Manage my plan
Clik on TRAVEL
Choose: United States
Choose: travel add-on
And you choose what you need: textos (200 for 4$) (60 minutes for 4$) or data , ( 500mo:10$ or more)
After, click: SAVE