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Does Fizz blocks spam call?

I receive robocalls every week. Carriers in USA have spam filters to avoid spam call. Does Fizz have some way of filtering those annoying calls?



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No, for the moment they implement this
you can install an app to do that
it can be a good feature for Fizz

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Justin, try


I used it on my voip system and it works well. Is free to on voip, but a small charge on cellphone. 


I have not been hounded by robocalls on this number yet, but if I do, will go to nomorobo. I have no skin in this game ... your mileage may vary, and all other disclaimers :-)  Enjoy your Fizz. I do.


Oh, and my referral code is IDUOO (letters only).


Fizz does have universal (automatic) call blocking


For the rest of the calls, I just add to my phone dialer settings to block anyone not on my contact list.

If it's important, they can leave a message.