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Double billing for SIM cards?

Bought two SIMs, but on my Visa bill it shows as 4 separate items of $11.30 each. Am in contact with Fizz, but just a heads-up for others that you should check your credit card statements

Fizz support is usually very helpful with this issue.


Btw did you have to try ordering mutliple times?

Just make sure you won't end up getting 4 SIMs delivered to your door.

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Funny you should mention the multiple ordering. I was only planning to order one SIM card, but the system looked like it was hanging up and the order not going through. Ordered again. Then ended up with an order for two SIMS. My account shows billing for two SIMS, but credit card shows 4 SIM orders.


So I receive the two envelopes from Fizz, and only one has a SIM. So I go off and order another SIM, then FIzz re-imbursed me for that one :-)  All good in the end, as I gave my other SIM to my friend but lost out on the pre-Oct 17 timing for her.

It's always a good idea to check your credit card after a transaction and your fizz account at the start of your new billing cycle. Even things that used to work fine might change on you. Remember that Fizz is a new and developing concept.