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Where are the wifi client isolation settings in the router?

It's also called AP isolation. It's used to isolate Wi-Fi clients from each other or sometimes from wired users.

My two Wi-Fi devices can't ping each other but I can ping them both from wired devices.

The router is behaving like it does client isolation but I can't find the option in the router.

What's going on?



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Hi Frédéric,

Do you get some type of message  AP isolation must be disabled ? is it Chromecast type related ?

To answer your question, there is no options for such settings in the Hitron ! 

The solution for you is to use a third-party router and put the Hitron into bridge mode.

Another trick would be to set up a second network with a second routeur plugged into an Ethernet port of the Hitron without putting it into Bridge mode.

Hitron (IP range -------> 2ndRouter (IP range

Run the IOTs through the 2nd router.

The trouble with that particular setting is that you might have other issues , such as Double NAT but it can be done!

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