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How do I transfer my number from fizz to a new carrier?

I am trying to switch from fizz to a new carrier, but the new carrier says I can only transfer my number if my account with fizz is still active. How do I make my account active again?



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You must to reactivate from the control panel
this is the guide


How to reactivate your Fizz account when you have a SIM card:

  1. Go to the Reactivate page and log into your account.
  2. Review or adjust your plan details and click Confirm.
  3. Verify your phone number (if you are reactivating within 60 days) or select a new phone number. Learn more about changing your phone number
  4. Review your addresses and plan details, then click Submit.
  5. You go to the payment interface to pay for the first month of your new plan.

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Other answers

Once reactivated, you might want to wait a couple of weeks before switching. Just to get your money’s worth as fizz won’t reimburse you for the non-used time. Since fizz is prepaid

You can reactivate your mobile plan if it was deactivated for less than 60 days.

Once it is past 60 days or more, your phone number is no longer available to you.


One thing to remember is that you want your former plan to be active before initiating the phone number porting with Fizz. If you closed down your previous plan, then you will not be able to transfer that number.


I was up and running for outgoing calls in short order with Fizz, something less than 1/2 hours. My transfer took a couple of hours before I could receive calls. Once you can receive calls at your old number, your transfer is complete.