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New voLTE option ?

A new network option has appeared in my settings on my iphone, voLTE with yes or no options, what is that and how does it work?

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I have it too but i dont know what is it...

VoLTE allows for greater voice bandwith. If you have a conversation with another VoLTE user, then your call quality will be much better. Here is good background info:

You can enable it, but it might not make a difference or even cause issues, so I leave it as it was before. I've been seeing this option for awhile.


You might notice when making a call that the LTE in the status bar will change to say 3G until after you've finished the call, confirming that the call is not yet VoLTE.


Apple's wireless carrier support page did list Fizz at one point, but that was in error or posted too early. So it may be a planned feature.

That’s exciting maybe just maybe they are working on it.
I saw on an earlier post a Whizz saying that they were working on new things like visual voicemail for 2020. Perhaps VOLTE too will come to fizz