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Migrate phone number to an already activated sim card

I wanted to try out Fizz before migrating my "real" phone number. So I activated the sim card I had ordered with a random phone number. My question is: can I change my phone number on my current sim card or do I need to order a new one in order to keep my previous phone number?



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Unfortunately you cannot migrate your "real" phone number to an existing plan. To port your number to Fizz, you must do it at activation time of your new plan.


So it looks like you have 3 options:


1. Keep your new temporary number and plan with Fizz. Just cancel your other number.


2. Cancel your temporary plan with Fizz. Wait until your SIM card is available to be reused. Use the same SIM to activate a new plan and port your number.


3. Order a new SIM and create a new Fizz plan to port your number over.

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It is one of those simple things that does not seem possible with fizz. However, I would try contacting support before ordering the new one just in case

Fizz is not alone. There is also another prepaid provider that lets you port your number only during activation.


And of course there are others that allow you to port at any time.