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Is Fizz Reward program really generous?

Being able to carry data over or to gift it away is definitely great and innovative.
We receive some compensatory perks for outages or last week some Halloween data, that is fair and appreciated.

However, the upgrade system doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
We are getting the upgrades but we can't use them all since there are only 3 slots at most available. If you give a gift which the recipient can't use, does it have a lot of value?

If someone like the man who will reply first is active 24/7 here, they can get very fast to level 5 in order to have the 3 slots. By then they will have accumulated 6 ugrades (data +$1), but only 3 of them can be used. The other 3 are useless.

If you decide to go slow, would it work? In other words, is there a way to optimally take advantage of the upgrades?



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That is true, fizz is still in its early years. Comments and support for ideas such as yours might make the company adjust their bonus.
Nevertheless, I think that the bonus system is deliberately long to get customers hooked on the forum and thus offer a seudo-customer service without having to hire more employees.

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Yes, earning upgrades more slowly would be more useful in terms of a more constant supply of upgrades. I currently have 13 mobile upgrades, so obviously most of them are completely useless and will expire unused.

The high points earners do it more as a hobby than anything else. If you were to count the hourly wage they are making ... not so much.


Fizz is developing a community feel, and I think for the most part it works. You are correct in that some of those rewards and slots would need some adjustment ... I would think that will happen in time.


The real test will come when Fizz decides to increase their prices in early 2020, and whether the goodwill in perks and gifts will help weather the storm. I expect they will be smart about it.

If you have 3 slots available, it means you can get something like $7 off your internet package, 1 GB free of upgrade data, or $3 off your mobile plan. These are pretty generous monthly discounts and bonuses.


Also if you have more than 1 plan on your account, you can apply up to 3 upgrades to each plan!

So when you are level 5, that's 3 slots available for every plan.


Each Fizz plan has three (3) slots on which an upgrade can be applied. The number of unlocked slots ready to welcome an upgrade varies based on your My Rewards level. If you have more than one slot available on a plan, the upgrades you’ll assign to that plan will be cumulative, making your plan even richer.

@ Fizzy:
3 slots are available to us only when we reach level 5. At that point, there is only $1 upgrade available to us and a bunch of data upgrades. We can get at most 1G OR $1 and 0.75G.

If someone has more than service on the same, it might make sense according to your answer. I only have the mobile service.

The internet is not competitive at all to me. I have 150/15 speed and unlimited usage for less than $35 a month.

I should have 1.5gb bonus data + free voicemail, but when I switched out the upgrades last month, they weren't properly applied even though another section of my account shows it as being active. Fun with Fizz.

I didn't realize you could use 3 upgrades per plan. That's a rather nice bonus for a couple/family.

@ Alison: fun with Fizz is funnizz.

I'm so nervous making the least amount of change to my plan. Because once it is implemented, it will trigger a lot of issues and mess up everything that was working fine before. Plus it will take months before it gets resolved.

That's anyway my personal experience after more than 10 months with Fizz. I understand that it might be a completely different experience for others.

I must recognize that the system is more reliable now but Fizz needs to implement a stabilisation period for technical support.

1 GB of free upgrade data every month seems pretty generous. Also this data will rollover if it is unused, so your bonus data can accumulate quickly.


If anyone is unsure about how upgrades or something works, feel free to consult the forum. There is a lot of helpful posts. If you prefer to confirm with Fizz support, they can help too.

@Eder I agree with being very apprehensive with switching things around in my account. I only switched a couple of data upgrades, and I don't absolutely need the extra data to get through the month. Good thing because the switch didn't work, but at least I didn't lose the old upgrades at the same time.



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Yes Fizz reward is generous, better than any other competitor, but it's current price is far behind market and not realistic . I'm sure Fizz need lower mobile price to match market, same as they did on internet price. They make it very high in the beginning and adjust to current price.