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Is the $25 from using a referral applied to one billing cycle only?

I used a referral code when I signed up for fizz. My monthly plan is under 25$. How does the referral bonus work? Is it added to my account as a credit? Or is it automatically applied to my bill? If so, could it roll over to the next bill as well if not all of it is used up?

If your monthly bill is less than 25$ before taxes, then the amount of your bill after applying the referral bonus will become 0$, and the remaining amount from referral bonus will be applied on the next bill.
I had two referral bonuses in a row, so my monthly bill was 0$ during two months. The month after that remaining amounts of the two bonuses were applied.

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It will be added as a credit to your account

It's automatically applied to your bill and it does "roll over". Like in your case, since your plan is under $25 the remaining amount (of the bonus) will be applied to your next bill.

Referral bonus are credits on your account. You can see your confirmed referrals via your account

[My Profile] > [Referral bonuses]


The credit amount will rollover and stays on your account until it are fully applied against the cost of your monthly plan, as long as you keep your plan active. The credit is automatically applied to your bill. If you terminate your plan, you will forfeit any remaining credit.


If anyone is a new Fizz customer and looking for a referral code, you can use mine 66KGA when signing-up. We will both be rewarded with a $25 credit once you have paid your second monthly bill.