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I have an expired perk, is there any way I can retrieve it?

I joined fizz a few months ago, but only activated my plan recently. I have an expired data perk of 500 mb, is there any way I can use it, despite the fact that it was expired, or is it gone forever?

How to apply these perks to your mobile plan
Here is everything Fizz says about perks:
You’ll have 90 days following the reception of these perks to claim them.

Once a data perk is applied. any unused data from the perk won't be rolled over to the next month when your payment cycle ends.


Perks can be gifted to and used by people who don't have a data plan.


We get perks when we sign-up. The other times I have seen perks are today (Oct 30) and April 9 2019.


Here's the email we received from Fizz on March 26...

On March 25, technical issues impacted our mobile services. Everything is now back on track. 
We understand that your mobile services are an important means of communication for you. That is why all Fizz members who were impacted by this outage will receive on April 9, 2019, 2 GB of mobile data per plan in the form of two perks of 1 GB each. 
Your Fizz perks*, offered as part of the My Rewards program.

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I am in the same situation. I opened an account last March but did not sign up to a plan until less than a month ago. When it came to apply the perk it showed expired. Speaking with Fizz, they confirmed it was expired and you cannot apply it anymore.

As mentioned, another 500MB perk (yes!) was offered just recently.