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Downloading iOS13 via Itunes/cell data? Don't

Irina provided us with a questionn about seeing a 3.8GB usage in one day. Question is closed now, however I have since found this information that may benefit others. This is for people with iPhones.


iOS13 update is a little over 100MB at most. If the update is performed over iTunes via cellular, then this can be about 3.7GB. Please see   


Please go to settings and disable background app updates and OS updates over cell service.        

Good idea, furthermore, you can quickly diagnose if your OS is using too much internent by going into Settings/ System Services/
This also lets you know what in your system is the most datavore

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I have to say Apple is known for this bad habit of consuming data like it is free for everyone.


As always, you have to pay attention to your phone settings.

While the above discussion was for iOS, I would recommend that only manual updates be allowed for Android as well. Keep the control of your data in your hands.

I also find that if I do not use any data at all, I end up with approximately 18MB usage per day. I now just turn data off; only turning it on when I need it. Most of the time I am either driving, at work (wifi) or at home (wifi). Other times I turn data on.



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Disabling automatic updates and allowing data usage whenever is needed should do the trick.