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General Question : What can Fizz improve ?

Just for fun, what do you think Fizz can improve in their services ? I'm curious to see what are some general comments, pros and cons for Fizz services.

For me

Pros : Cheap prices and community based forum for solving problems.
Cons : Missing technical support (But the forum helps a lot and I'm ready to give it up for low prices)

Thanks !

totally agree with your pros and cons. I'm pretty happy with the prices, but I feel like they should keep the stabilization prices set till longer than the beginning of 2020...

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Based on both my personal experience and the lack of responses here, I'd say Fizz is doing pretty well.


Pros: Community support and discounts. Reliable internet. LTE mobile data, data roll-over, data gifting, etc.


Cons: Some technical glitches still exist. but what company doesn't have these...

Some CSR are better than others. The rare CSR seem to be dans la lune. What's good is that after each chat session, customers are given opportunity to rate the CSR. So hopefully this will help improve customer service. Maybe Fizz can add email survey as well. I have not seen these, maybe other customers have received it.

I only have the home internet.



  • Internet is very affordable and the point system gives upgrades that make it even cheaper
  • All plans are unlimited
  • It is very easy to change your plan from one month to the next if you feel you need more or less speed
  • Installation and Modem/Router are included



  • Payments are all automatic, no "make payment now" option
  • Whenever I run a speed test on Videotron website it shows my full speed, but anywhere else it shows up as only half the speed. This is while connected with ethernet, so WiFi is not to blame.


I wouldn't say that lack of support is a con since I can't remember the last time I needed technical support. It was years ago with shitty DSL.



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I really hope they will improve someday the voicemail.It takes 2 minutes to get to listen the actual message right now.This one and the billing system are my only two complains so far.

Fizz is a great company! It’s unique and full of pros (eg. Friends, levels, community forum...); however, there are a few things it can improve. For one, they should still have the stabilization prices since people like my little brother still has issues with service within the subscription area! Another issue they should resolve is providing service internationally the way the coverage should. Last week I was travelling in the States and didn’t have any service for a long time.


Ohh interesting answers....
For me personally what I like most about Fizz is of course the low price that I got. Besides that, the option to create my plan exactly as I like (not paying for the unnecessary features that I don't need), the roll-over of data, the possibility of gifting data and getting upgrades. Also the fact that this is a prepaid service is a huge plus for me since I can use the service with a peace of mind and not worry about getting a surprise bill at the end of the month (for overuse mistake).
Now when it comes to what Fizz can improve.. It would definitely be their customer support (speaking from my past experience). Adding other "payment methods" besides debit/credit card (e.g. PADs).
And... it'd be great if we had the option to change our plan in the near future without being switched to regular prices... that's just something that I wish tho XD

The slower rate of issues on the forum is a good indicator of improvement. I am quite happy
However, at their new prices, the lack of the following makes them less competitive:
Esim support
Visual voicemail
Wifi calling
Voice roaming