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Does Fizz Home Internet uses IPTV packet sniffing?

What about reducing the speed under IPTV streaming? Some companies does this, in a hidden way... Any internet user noticed that reduced speed just in IPTV streaming? Thanks

I agree with all Suggestions and comments, it all depends, at the end what kind of IPTV service we're talking about, if one of it's about the legit local services there shouldn't be any problems, if it's about one of the questionable "gray Market" services then problems will pop up, these kind of subscriptions are advised to use a VPN service? some of the IPs used by some of the VPN companies might be blocked or restricted... anyway, here the discussion should be about Fizz internet service, which i think is pretty good.

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Sorry, I do not the answer.
However, some users complain about the problem with the IPTV providers. However, I do not know which kind of provider :) (please understand the meaning of kind of provider :D )

Yeah, I know... this is the problem. They will trace all kinds of packets and reduce the speed, even thought you have something valid in the market.

Usually the problem or speed throttling is from your IPTV provider, where so many subscribers log-in and there is not enough bandwidth to carry the stream uninterrupted, some internet providers here in Montreal also offer IPTV without any problems.

I have not personally experienced any throttling or speed reduction with Fizz.


However it seems some customers have posted about their IPTV no longer working. In those case, I believe the issue may be related to the IP address they are using. Some of the Fizz IP addresses are new and not yet registered as Canadian. So the IPTV service may think the user is in USA (or some unknonwn default) and blocks the user. Often the suggestion give nto the user is to reboot the modem in hopes of getting a different IP address.


There is also the possibility the IPTV service has blocked certain IP address due to past breaking of terms of service agreement.



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I don't have IPTV but I do stream Netflix a lot and I have not experienced any performance issue.

@MT c'est pas exactement la même chose
Netflix VoD donc je pense que c'est du TCP
IPTV je pense que c'est UDP car c'est supposé d'être un RTP

Après IPTV peut-être est sur des machines à l'extérieur du pays avec des ressources limité ou pas prioritaire pour le Canada.
UDP c'est intéressant, car plus léger, mais tu peux perdre des informations.

C'est un question très difficile, car IPTV c'est comme dire j'ai un problème avec un site web?

I agree vanigh
But Fizz Internet service or all other internet services providers shouldn't trace or lookup into the packets we transmit... this is the point.