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Fizz Community Hub "Rules"?

Are there any rules/guideline set by Fizz when it comes to using the Community Hub? Like what we can and can't do to earn points?... For example I've seen plenty of question here that are really old (posted months ago) that I'm still able to reply to. Now if I were to reply to them just to earn points would that be allowed? Are there any rules regarding that?.. I'm still new to this so want to know how things work here.

Imho if it is not mentioned in the rules, it is allowed ;-) And logically thinking there is nothing wrong in replying to old posts especially if you really have something to add to the thread. Eventually Whizz will close those old posts. I remember they closed lots of old posts a while ago on the same day, so I had a bunch of best answers this same day :-))

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Yes, here the page

You are right, alot of people post only to get points, I try to not do that, I post only if I believe to have a solutions or to add something that it will add some additional information.

Thanks for the link! :) It sure made some things clear. But they didn't really mention much about what a person cannot do to earn points. Wish they made that more clear...


I realize a lot of people post mostly to earn points (myself included tbh). Personally I'd say because It's not that easy to earn points considering that some levels need more than 60-100k points. So posting only to get points makes sense to me (as long as it's not out of topic). And a lot of people just can't answer as quickly as others who can. So posting even though others have already answered and there's not much to add is understandable otherwise people won't get enough points to level up.

You do not realy need 60K points at 42K you have 2$ and 1G more the 42K is worthless for rewards.
If you do only for rewards, you will be better off slowing down since all your rewards will expiry fast.
Remember only giving kudos is 600 pts per month, paying bills probably another 200-300 points, if you get some kudos, you will be easly reach 3K per month, since they decide to put at zero my scores two times.

Sometimes are Whizz cheating, giving multiple times best answer to the same people :(, or resetting the point only this week I lost 3K points. I am playing by the rule, and I put time on it, and I going to be penalized :(

The important think here is not cheat I already document some people doing so, however, I never report them since I am not the police.



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@Attariyah if you look at old posts by Whizz, you will see that Fizz has mentioned gaming before. It is very easy to tell when someone is gaming the system to gain points only. Fizz says if you do this, you risk having your account banned/blocked. We have to keep in mind that we are using forum that belongs to Fizz and need to respect their TOS.


@Mike my points were also reset before. As far as I can tell, only the daily and weekly points were reset, but not the monthly and overall total. So it seems no points have been lost.

@ Mike Yah I get what you're saying. It's true that trying to reach over 42k points as quickly as possible isn't ideal. But if I don't do anything else besides giving kudos and paying bills then I won't be getting more than 900 points a month. To receive Kudos you basically need to post. And if you don't post a lot then reaching even the 3k points per month would be difficult... Now seeing how level 5 needs 15k points (to unlock 3rd slot) it would take around 5 months if a person was to diligently earn 3k points/month (which is quite a long time tbh). That being said I definitely do get the "No Cheating" rule. Which is why I asked this question in the first place, to understand what is and isn't allowed.

Btw sorry to hear you lost points :( wasn't aware of people losing points or what Whizz was doing.

@Fizzy I looked at the old post by Whizz you mentioned. Whizz did talk about "cheating the community/system" but failed to explain what cheating exactly means when it comes to earning points. What is considered cheating and what are the things we aren't allowed to do?.. Like I mentioned in my question, would replying to old post be considered "cheating/not allowed"?... Nothing was explained unfortunately :(