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Problem with login in into Fizz Community

Have you guys experience the problem of login in into Fizz Community. I used to login through social media(Facebook) and it would redirect me to the first page. Then I was never able to login into the community.

The final solution was to login without Facebook and unlink my account from facebook. Then it worked.

I don't login through social media so can't say much about that. But I did experience the same type of problem on the Fizz Community site when logging in the "normal way". For some reason It would redirect me to Fizz's homepage when I tried to log in. The solution to my problem was to "Clear my browsing data" after doing that I was able to login peacefully XD

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I haven't tried to log in with facebook, but I have experienced being repeatedly redirected to Fizz's main page when I'm trying to log in to the forum. Their site is still rather buggy.



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Happen to me also!