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Can you receive a call from outside your plan coverage?

I have the Canada/USA Unlimited calling coverage. Now according to Fizz FAQ (ABCs of Fizz Mobile Services), you cannot make a call to an location outside your coverage area. Fair enough. Fizz continues to explain that you cannot receive a call from outside your coverage area (e.g. Quebec only plan coverage cannot receive a call from Vancouver).

"The coverage area you choose determines the expanse of the calls and texts included in your plan. If you choose the Canada coverage for instance, you can make or receive calls anywhere in the country. But with a Quebec coverage, a call made or receive from Vancouver for example would not be included in your plan, and you’d have to buy an Add-on . "

I am thinking that this just may be a wording error, in that you cannot make or receive calls when you are in Vancouver, but you should definitely be able to receive a call from Vancouver if you are in the Quebec region. Otherwise I guess I cannot receive a call from Europe since I only have the Canada/USA calling coverage activated. Do I have this right?



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I checked the Fizz FAQ page you mentioned (The ABCs of Fizz Mobile Services). Tbh I thinks it's just a "very confusing" wording error because on that same page they've also explained this:


Calling within your coverage area:

  • Any call you make within your coverage area is considered a local call. If you choose the Canada coverage for instance, a call from Montreal to Vancouver will be local. 
  • When you are in your coverage area, any call you receive, even those coming from abroad, are considered and billed as a local call.
  • If your plan includes unlimited calls, you can make (and receive) as many local calls as you want within your coverage area.


So I'm hoping we'll still be able to receive calls from anywhere (as long as we're in our coverage area).

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