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Why the sudden price changes?


I have been a huge fan of fizz and i have refered a bunch of people because of the low prices making it worthwhile. now that i have a phone and cash to be able to set myself up i see the prices have been hiked up without notice. last i saw it was around 33.30+tx for 8gb of data with text and call and now its over 52$..... i was really looking forward to being a fizz customer and was even going to order a sim but as a single mother i dont want to be paying that much for my phone as i know fizz sometimes has techical problems and ive seen it happen recently with my friends. is there anyway to get said plan because i literally saw it like max 2 weeks ago but didnt have the funds......



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It is unfortunate, however Fizz has been clear about their price increase happening. They are obviously testing the waters and seeing how many customers will join at the new price-point. They may have to adjust their price based on that feedback. They are also trying to keep the customer base they have now, though we have been told that our prices will increase to regular prices in early 2020. Fizz is a no frills service, however they are still out there to make a profit, and try to maximize that profit. Wish they would have kept the stabilization price as well. You may try to contact Fizz support (worth a try), though the likelihood of a favourable outcome at this point is very low. Good Luck.

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Sorry, you missed the end of the "stabilization" period with Fizz, so the lower prices are now gone and the prices you see are their "regular" prices. We were given about 2 weeks advance notice of the end of the lower prices.

Hey Brittany,

Unfortunately the sudden price increase is due to the end of the stabilization period. Fizz was stabilizing their services during this period that ended on October 16th (the 15th was the last day). Because of the inconveniences caused to some people in this period, they offered lower prices during this period. I subscribed during this period and they emailed me to let me know that I would maintain my price until early 2020; this should also be the case for you if you do not change your plan between now and then. As a student I also agree that the hike up in price is very hard to swallow. It’s also really unfortunate because they still have so many issues that should have been resolved in this period. For example, I have Canada + USA coverage and am currently in the States but yesterday I did not have any service in Philadelphia for the entire duration of my layover. When I got to my destination state (Virginia) I still didn’t have any service until a lot later. I needed it to communicate with my ride from the airport but I couldn’t so I had to rely on airport wifi which isn’t the end of the world but if I’m paying for a certain level of service, I expect that service to perform properly (especially since it’s supposed to be good enough for them to bring the prices up significantly). I’m only one of many people who are still having issues with this. My little brother has had a hard time getting service within the subscription area! Anyways, I still absolutely love how Fizz operates and their customizability. I love the community aspect they bring to the game. I love how they are bringing change. I am just also disappointed with these new prices; especially with the issues that are still happening.


Hope that helps,

- Adrien:)



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It's a shame, but probably necessary for their business. The stabilization prices are crazy good!

Sorry to hear that :( the lower prices you saw was because of the stabilization period. And anyone who wanted to get those prices had to activate their sim and create a plan before 17th October.
Also regarding the "stabilization" low prices... Anyone who Subscribed to Fizz after April 12, 2019 and got those prices will keep it until early 2020 then have it switched to regular prices. Only those who Subscribed to Fizz before April 12, 2019 will get to keep that low price for their plan (that is if they didn't/don't make changes to their plan after 16th October). That's what it says on Fizz website.