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What will the price of my plan be next month?

Currently, I have a text-only plan, but on the 15th, I decided to take advantage of the cheaper plan price before stabilization period ends, so I modified my plan by adding 2gb to it, and it came out to around 20$ and said that it would be around 20$ if I remember correctly, and the plan change would take effect next month. However, when I checked it today, it said that it would cost me 26$, but I modified my plan before the stabilization period ended. Is this an error? Or will I not be able to take advantage of the cheaper price despite modifying my plan before the end of the 15th?



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If you modified your plan before today, you should maintain your price for early 2020

I subscribed BETWEEN April 12, 2019 AND October 16th, 2019 inclusively:

When you subscribed to Fizz during the stabilization period, you were informed that your plan was to switch to its regular price once that period was over. But to thank you for your patience and collaboration, you get to keep the price you are paying now until early 2020. You will be notified of the switch to the regular price 30 days in advance. If you change your plan after October 16, however, you will lose the price you’re paying now, and regular prices will apply.
If you change your plan before October 17, reduced prices will apply (even if these changes will come into effect after October 17).

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If you do nothing else: At your next renewal, you will get the 20$ price that was given to you when you requested the plan change on Oct 15.


The 26$ price you see today is what people will pay if they make any changes to their plan right now.


Since your change was already requested, your price will be 20$ as you saw it.



In addition, if you subscribed before the start of the stabilization (on April 12), you will keep the same price for 2020 (for as long as Fizz permits).

If you don't get the $20 price when your account renews, contact Fizz customer service to get the excess amount refunded and your account pricing fixed.

Maybe it's an error because it should be $20 since you changed your plan on the 15th. But if next month you do end up getting charged $26 (which I hope won't be the case) then just contact fizz and they should fix it for you.