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Fizz algorithm used in Community List?

When I post a question to the Community, I get a quick answer (sometimes within a minute) from a level 5 member. If I go refresh the community list, I cannot see my question yet. It will show up much later. My question is: is there an algorithm that Fizz applies to the community board in order to allow level 4 or 5 member to see the question first, so they have first crack at answering? Just curious.

When your question is posted, it appears on the activity log. The activity log is refreshed automatically.

However there is a delay before the question actually gets added to the main page (top section) of the community forum.

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Absolutely not ! Everybody see the question a the same time. To see the question you dont have to refresh your screen, you just have to follow the activity on the community hub page in leaderboard and activity.

@Fling: Reason I ask is that after refreshing the Community list, I still do not see the question ... but obviously you did. See attached.

Choose no filter and category to see all the question in the browse answers page. But the best way to follow the activity is on the community hub page in leaderboard and activity.

There no delay if you refresh your page 15 to 20 time minutes. It's faster than the commute log. I did it that way for my 500 first best answers in the french community.



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I don't think there's anything shady going on.

I'm not insinuating that anything shady is going on. As mentioned, refreshing the page does nothing for prompt display of question. The Lead Board seems to be the place to watch. Thanks all.