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Repetitive calls from unknown numbers

It's been 2 weeks now (around the stabilization ending) that I receive excessive (everyday, several times a day) calls from unknown numbers mostly from other areas. Sometimes it's the same number, most times it's a new one, starting with 450, 613, 877... When I answer, I hear noise on the line then person hangs up. When I miss the call, I hear the same noise on voicemail. I tried blocking them, but after blocking about 7 numbers, I still get calls from new ones everyday. I wanted to ignore it, but it's too much. HEEEEEELLPPPP !!!

If you have an Android phone, you can set your phone to Do Not Disturb except for calls from your contact list.


There are also various Apps available for Android and iPhones.

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You can change your phone number.

@Mike : I also got those calls about federal court, arrest, but they're the least of those weird calls and at least there's a machine talking when you answer. The others have no one talking on the line even on voice message.

@MT I know I can change my number, but I don't want to.

I've been getting weird chinese calls too XD it's not every day tho thankfully.. Now that I think about it I'm having a lot of these odd calls ever since I switched over to fizz..... hmmm........