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Cancelling changes to plan after 16 October?

If I change my plan now I will get the stabilization price. But the changes to the plan will only come into effect after the end of my payment cycle which is in November. So what if I make a change to my plan now but decide to cancel that change after 16 October let's say on the 25th of October. Will that effect the price of my current plan? Since I technically made a sort of change to my plan but at the same time I didn't really change my current plan.



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Hello All,

HEre you can find more info about the ending of the stabilization period.
Attariyah, even if the change comes into effect after the end of the stabilization period, since you actually pplaced the order before the end, you will still have the lowered price.

Have a good one!

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Very interesting question Attariyah!

Logically, if you cancel your plan on the 25th of October to keep or change it back to your old plan, I think it is still considered as a change to your plan. So, most probably your plan will be changed to regular price. I would recommend you to change it today or tomorrow max if you deem necessary to keep the best price, at least until the beginning of next year :)

Best of luck!

If you change your plan apply the 16th, you will get the normal price. See below the anouncement made by fizz 12 days ago.

Hi everyone,

Thanks to the relentless work of our teams over the last few months, our mobile services have been reinforced, and we are now confident we can offer you a product that will meet your expectations, and ours.

The stabilization period initiated back in April will therefore end on October 16, 2019. The new prices for our mobile plans will be in effect, and posted on our website, on that date.

You’ll be receiving within the next 48 hours an email with the details pertaining to your mobile plan. If you’re curious or have any questions, all the details about the end of the stabilization period can be found here. Learn more

A big thank you goes out to you for your patience and collaboration.

The Fizz team



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Do not make any changes after the 15th of October!