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Can you use different FONTS & SIZES?

Does anyone know if there's a way to use different fonts and text sizes in the community help forum?

On the dropdown menu, choose html when responding. afterwards, you'll be able to click on paragraph and choose other formats.

Although I am not sure if this feature is fully functional

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There's no way to choose different style fonts other than basic bold and italics but you could play around with different text sizes.

Switch format to HTML then change the formatting. Examples:



Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3


If you select the HTML editor via the dropdown menu, you can even change the font color and other font style like that if you click the button at the right to edit HTML code.  


Here's an example of overline.

I don't think you can use different fonts but you can definitely change the text size and use "Bold" "Italic" "Underline". To do that you just need to choose HTML instead of Plain Text where it says Format. To change the text size go to Paragraph and select one of the Headings. Also you can just copy text from somewhere else and paste it here. That way you'll also be able to change the color.


Like this

Just copied a text from Fizz Solution Hub "FAQ"

Erased the original text and wrote something else.