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Early 2020?

I am happy with fizz, but something got me wondering.
Why do you think Fizz chose to say that the prices will go up for those who joined recently in early 2020. (As opposed to a specific date)
I am glad the prices are not going up right away. But i wonder why they chose “early 2020”. Do you see that as January or April?
Why not say a exact month?
With the stabilisation period it made sense not to have an exact date as it was impossible to predict (and it still is) when there would no longer be issues on the network. But, in the case of the prices afterwards, the same logic does not apply. Right?
Am I overthinking this?



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Or it might even be that Fizz has not yet fully decided what prices should be for those early adopters and they want to give themselves some wiggle-room to see market prices in 2020 and then adjust.

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I agree with you that it’s still better than soon. I think (and I might be wrong ) that the choice to say early 2020 it’s 100% marketing. They might get more users to jump onboard if the users don’t know the exact date as they might hope for as late as possible.
We shall know 30 days before by email

Because giving out an exact date allows the customer to plan ahead if they're considering switching when the price increases. This way, they're keeping us in limbo and making us think that maybe just maybe, we'll get to keep our price. Saying your price will change on 01/31/2020 is a lot more definitive and negatively impacts their business.