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Unable to change my plan?

Fizz sets Oct 15 as the deadline to change mobile plans, that's fair enough. But I've been trying to change my plan and I keep getting an error message. A ticket has been opened 1 week ago and several follow-ups with CS have resulted in nothing at all. Now the deadline is looming.
I am fed up with Fizz technical support standard.

I don't even want to mention pending double billing issue since Sept 1.

Is there anyone listening or working in the technical support department?

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Fizz decide itself about service you can get.I was waiting 2 months to change my plan.No one say sorry to me.My service is cancelled.No more deal with company like Fizz.

What error are you getting?

If you are seeing the red bar line, then you have no choice except to wait for Fizz support. You can retry at times though as they may fix it and you will only find out later when you retry.


If you are seeing other errors, the error might be with your browser. Try clearing your cache and retry using incognito mode on your computer (instead of mobile device).

yes, I am getting the red bar line all the time

I've used a laptop, a desktop, a tablet, and a cellphone with different browsers.
I've tried the browsers in private mode as well and I've cleared the cache. But nothing has worked.

Where is the Whizz? can you help?

Fizz CS made a direct intervention to change my plan 1 day before the Oct 15th deadline. Thank you BUT the service is supposed to be 100% online.