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Worse quality than Petro Canada pre-paid?

Switched over from Petro-can Mobility pre-paid. Voice quality was OK, but with Fizz I now seem to get a highly compressed call. Is this the baseline for call quality now? It is useable, but would not want to talk too long with that. Not giving up my voip at home yet.

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Hmmm... thanks for the replies guys. Obviously there might be something wrong at my end, maybe the headset. I'll try a few more calls with a different phone and headsets. Like I said, it is useable, but am somewhat disappointed.



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@Alfio yes try using the phone microphone and speaker. Also which phone do you have? Look into turning off some features in your phone call settings (like VoLTE, noise suppression, voice clarity).

Follow up: Did more testing and found that the quality is actually on par or better than what I had before. Problem was with my friend's cell service, ironically from Rogers. He confirmed that even though this is a corporate account/phone, he does get some pretty bad connections.

So far so good with Fizz.