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How do I go UP in levels?:) (from Apprentice 1/5 onwards)

I am slightly confused about how to increase levels after apprentice 1/5. I've seen some that say just log in every day and others that say to participate somewhat regularly and some even say just to wait over time. I'm slightly confused...
I'm participating in this community and think it's a fantastic tool!

The levels on community hub are updated by Fizz, we don't have control on them. It seems like it's a matter of time - you go one level up every month.
However, what really matters is the participation in the community. You get points for asking and answering questions, and you go up in the Rewards Program levels, which gives you upgrades associated to each level.

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I first thought it was a combination of time, points earned, participation, and activities on your account. But it seems to update randomly... Last week i was Apprentice 2/5, now all of a sudden I'm 5/5. It's a real mystery :P


On the Community Hub home page ( there is a LeaderBoard & Activity section on the right. If you click My Account, you can find your stats and ranks, however it doesn't say how to achieve them. "Keep on going to reach that level" :P

The exact algorithm is kept secret to ensure people don't game the system. But as long as you keep participating in the community, your levels will (eventually) go up.

The fact that it’s so confusing is a desired fact. (I think)
it’s keeps us all checking our points often.
It seems like a very well thought-out Machiavellian gamefication strategy.
I still can’t decide if I love it or hate it.



User level
5000 / 5000

For each increase in community level, you do get 50 points. Other than that, it makes little difference.


The important rewards level to check is on your Fizz account. As you level up there, this is where you get your upgrades and extra slots.

Yes it is very confusing. I got two levels in the same day once and now I have not move for a while. I could use an upgrade today for the 50 pts to get me to level 3 in my points!!!