Unanswered question

Anyone know how much Canada & USA plans will cost after the stabilization period (no data options + add-on costs)?

Im currently paying $21.60/month (before tax) for unlimited calls and texts (no data) in Canada and the States. I originally joined Fizz because this price was unbeatable, especially on a student budget! I was wondering if anyone knew how much this type of plan will go up by and how much will data addons cost after the stabilization period ends in a few days.


Thank you for your reply Yelena :) I did not did not subscribe before April 12 sadly
Hoping the new costs will fit the budget since I have a number of friends & my girlfriend living the States

If you do not make any plan changes after Oct 15, Fizz says you will be able to keep the plan price until early 2020.

The date isn't confirmed yet. but at that time you're price will be about $27 - $28 + taxes.