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VPN to watch Netflix USA

I am wondering if someone is using a VPN to watch Netflix USA with a smart TV, please let me know your VPN

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There are many VPN's out there. Picking one is a personal choice. You might want one with many locations, cheaper price, strict no logging policies. Hard to tell you which ones to choose.

If you do manage to get a working vpn, enjoy it while it lasts.

Netflix is constantly updating their ban list with known VPN IP addresses.


I guess they only way is VPN with your own personal IP address.

@adriana voici

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Easy @Mike, nobody is advertising anything here, so when I talk about a Samsung phone, or the use of a specific modem, its forbidden? As you can see Fizz team let me post the question...

@Fizzy some VPN offers the service of MediaStreamer, and the main reason of that SmartTV doesn't natively support VPN which means it doesn't have the capability to connect to a VPN server.

Same goes with AppleTV, Playstation, Xbox, Google Mesh WiFi

I am curious if someone already tried any service like this one

@Victory I only said that is not the right place to ask, this is my opinion, if someone it asking why I am replied. I am not say to other what to do Therefore "easy" I do not understand why