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With a Canada and US plan, would i be able to use my phone in the US to make calls, use data, etc ?

If I subscribe to the Canada and US plan, does that mean I can use the phone when I am in the US to make calls, use the data, and text with no additional fees?



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Yes, I have that plan, and it is great do not forget to enable the roaming


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When you select Canada/US plan, you have all the features that you subscribed to your plan. You can make calls to the US, as well as making calls when you are in the US. Same for data and text with no additional fees ... assuming you opted for data plan, minutes, and/or text.

If you did not select those plans (but selected the Canada/US region), then there is a $0.25/min charge on the phone calls and $0.05 charge on the texts to/from USA and also for when you are in the USA. These charges are taken from your wallet, which you will need to preload.

YES, it does. However, do not spend more than 3 months roaming on other networks or Fizz might cut you off, and I quote:
We reserve the right to block access to all of your Fizz mobile services if your mobile services are used primarily on partner networks (Fizz EXT) for 3 consecutive payment cycles.

A few definitions:


Coverage area: where you can use your Fizz services to make/receive calls, send international texts, and use your data remaining on your plan.


Calling area: where you can make calls to without needing to incur long distance charges


Generically: call from Coverage Area to Calling area numbers, send texts from Coverage Area internationally, use data in Coverage Area


Quebec: call from Quebec to all Quebec numbers, send texts from Quebec internationally, use data in Quebec


Canada: call from anywhere in Canada to any number in Canada, send texts from Canada internationally, use data in Canada


Canada and US: call from anywhere in Canada/USA to any number in Canada/USA, send texts from Canada/USA internationally, use data in Canada/USA


I hope that helps.

Yes it means you can use the service while you are in Canada or USA.

All the info given by others so far is correct.

I have this plan and I love it. As long as you're not staying in USA for 3 months or more at a time, and you are using your mobile services primarily in Quebec/Ottawa, you are good as gold with this plan.



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Love these answers! The Canada/US plan allows you to use your plan throughout Canada and the US, and to call Canada/US numbers.