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How do I claim ownership over my Fizz internet subscribed under my ex's name

...and he's now getting all the reward points! We broke up but still share the home internet, but he got it under his name so he's getting all the juicy points on his mobile account... I am a very frugal student so earning points equivalent to my monthly payment amount would be good for me. Can we just put both of our names since we're paying half half anyways? Thanks

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lol, sorry, the person that's responsible for paying the bill and who has it in their name, is the one who gets the "juicy" points. Not that there's many points available just for paying your bill. You'll get more from participating in the forums.

I doubt Fizz can split the bill and rewards. But nothing stops you from doing so.


Determine what the bonus/reward is for his mobile plan and then agree to share it.

So instead of paying half for your share of the internet, you should be paying a lil less than half.




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I don't think it's possible, sadly.