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My Home Internet service has been frozen as the last payment was failed. This is because my credit card was expired. I entered the new credit card number many times but the site didn’t accept it. I try for different credit cards but they didn’t work. As a result, my access to internet has been restricted and nobody answered me in Chat section. Your customer service is disaster. Living no internet access for many days just because of the technical issues of your website. As you may have known, I was your mobile customer and because of your terrible services, I changed my provider and now I’m extremely satisfied with new services. About home internet, I am searching a good company ti change my home internet provider however, I am sure that the service of any internet provider in Montreal is much better than yours!

Mohammad Mahdi Baharloo



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Hello Mohammad,

I am sorry for the inconvenience. I have checked your account and I see that you don't have any card registered on your account as a payment method. This is why the system couldn't process the payment. If you are trying to add a new card it must be only an accepted one. Here you can find the ones that are: .
Here you will find the steps to update the payment method: .

Thank you very much for your kind understanding. I am sure that everything can be fixed, but if you still decide to leave we respect your decision!

Have a good one!

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