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Hi, so my friend (a Fizz user) has ordered me a Fizz SIM card recently since for some reasons I can't order it myself with my Fizz account. However, he accidentally activated the new SIM card with his Fizz account. Does it mean he will have two Fizz SIM cards at the same time or will the services of the new SIM card replace the orignial one's that he has been using directly (and thus he has to physically remove the old SIM card from his phone and use the new one)? Is there something we can do so that my friend keeps his original SIM card and I can use the new SIM card (since I couldn't activate it with my account after my friend's activation)?



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If your friend fully activated the sim card then there will be two plans showing in his account.


If there is only one plan showing he either didn't finish the activation process or he went down the replace sim card option.  If he replaced his sim card, the old card becomes inactive and you can use the old activation code is he still has it.  Otherwise, contact support on getting the activation code.


If he started the activation process, but did not complete the process, he can contact support for them to release the activation code associated with that sim card and you will be able to use it.    It takes about 24 hours for support to release the number.


Good luck.

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If he activated a new plan he needs to unsubscribe, and you can reuse the card

if he replaced is card with the new one, take the one, since you can re-use a sim card when not associate with a plan

I read somewhere that you cannot reuse a Fizz SIM (for now) but i think the thing is that the SIM card need to be not "in use" so after a transfert or disconnection, but we cannot just switch SIM data like we switch a SIM betwen two phones.

If your friend has indeed activated the second SIM card, perhaps he can assign the second plan over to you and you won't have to wait for him to unsubscribe and for the SIM card to be available for use again.

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