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Can I buy mobile through Fizz plan?

I am going o buy an iPhone through my plan. while Fizz does not have any plan including mobile phone.

Is there any option for buying a mobile?



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No, fizz is bring your own device (BYOD)
You should go online or any store as Best Buy or others.
Validate that the phone is compatible with fizz network

If the phone is for the Canadian market should be compatible.

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Mike is right that Fizz does not sell phone devices, Fizz sells only the SIM card and monthly plans.


Just about every phone purchased through a Canadian phone carrier today will work with Fizz.


However keep in mind that if you purchase a phone through another carrier. they usually want to lock you in for a 2 year contract. They usually offer the phone for "free" but their plan prices are inflated. To keep you from wandering, they usually add a clause in the contract that if you terminate early (before the 2 years), you will have to pay the remaining amout on the phone. The amount is usual;y more than if you bought the phone out-right yourself through Amazon or any major retailer. So depending on which phone you want, it pays to shop around.


The best deals can be found during Back-to-school, Black Friday, Christmas Boxing day, etc.

No devices are sold by fizz and all plans are free from any contracts. If you buy a new iphone (and is unlocked), you will be able to use it with Fizz's plans.