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Calling Canadian numbers?

I live in Montreal and I have the Quebec coverage plan.
While I'm in Montreal, can I make calls to other Canadian numbers (calls to Ottawa, Toronto, etc.)? Any extra fees associated?



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I believe Aida is just asking a question.

She has not mentioned that she can make long distance calls.


Aida, if you have the Quebec coverage plan, you can call only numbers within Quebec.

To make long distance calls, you have to have funds already in your Wallet or you would have to purchase a long distance calling Add-On.


Fizz is prepaid. You have to pay for the service first, before you are allowed to use it. You will not get surprise bills.

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If you do not have money in the wallet no, fizz is a prepaid service.

In the meantime, you are not supposed to be able to do calls outside the Quebec province.

I will suggest you to contact the support to let them know, since you are using a bug. :(

Sorry, Fizzy you are right was a question I have misread it:(

Aida the calls outside Canada are frequent, change your coverage from Quebec to Canada and all the calls within Canada are included.

No problem Mike. You are all here to help. You are doing very well.


Aida, when your question has been answered, please close your post by clicking on the button "Make best answer".

Thank you

Aida, if you want to make calls to other Canadian provinces and not pay for long distance, I suggest you install the Fongo app. You will get a FREE VoIP number in the city/province of your choice and you will be able to call any Canadian number for free over the Internet (needs Wifi or data plan). You will also be able to receive calls on this Fongo number.

Other alternative for VoIP app, if you have a Gmail account, is to use Google Hangouts. You can place calls to any number in North America for free, but cannot receive calls.