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My cellphone doesn't work at all, can't call I can't use my internet but my service is on in the website?

All is activate on my account , it was working with my last cellphone I just lost. I bought a new cellphone ( Google XL pixel 2 ) Since this time I can't do nothing with this sims card. But it's look like he see the card in the phone.




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This is the guide to follow if you report the phone as lost


Did you find your phone after reporting it lost or stolen? Fill in this form and we will reactivate your SIM card:
Report as found a previously missing or stolen phone or SIM card 

Your plan will be reactivated as soon as you submit the form linked above.

  • You will be able to use your SIM card immediately — it will be reactivated the moment you submit the form.
  • You will need to wait 24 to 48 hours to use your SIM card in your phone. This is how long it takes for your phone to be removed from the National Stolen Device Blacklist. While you wait, you will be able to use your SIM card in another phone.

How to protect the data on your phone:

  • Implement a password or unlock code on your phone.
  • Configure your settings so your phone locks automatically after a short period of inactivity.
  • If you have a smartphone, download an app that enables you to remotely view and erase personal information.
  • For more information on how to protect your data, visit:

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Other answers

Try to restart the phone, the phone was new?
Did you declare your SIM as lost?
If you did that contact the support since they probably can unlock it

So you lost the sim card with the phone? Did you go through the steps shown by Mike for a lost phone/sim card? It sounds like somehow your new sim card isn't properly associated with your account or isn't properly activated.

If you've gone through all those steps, next stop is customer service, since we are only fellow customers and have no access to your account.



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