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Transfer a number to FIZZ after trying FIZZ for a month using a new number at activation?

I want to transfer my other cell phone number to replace the FIZZ number I received at activation. Can I? And if so how?



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The number transfer is available only when you are activating a new plan. Fizz does not permit number transfer to an existing plan. Here is more info from Fizz on transferring yoru number...

I’m having problems transferring my current phone number to Fizz. Why? What can I do?


If you are having difficulty transferring your phone number to Fizz, we will work with you to fix the problem. Depending on the situation, you may need to choose a new number. Either way, the issue needs to be resolved within one payment cycle. If it isn’t resolved, your plan will be cancelled three days before the end of your payment cycle.

It is possible to transfer your phone number to your new Fizz plan, but first and foremost DO NOT CANCEL YOUR CURRENT CONTRACT. Only active numbers are eligible for transfer to a new provider.

The choice to transfer your current number is made when you activate your SIM. To learn more, see: How do I transfer my current phone number to Fizz?

Your number will be transferred and activated within two hours of activating your SIM card. To learn more about this, see: I just activated my SIM card. How long before I can use my plan? 

I am having difficulty transferring my number. Why?

There are several reasons why we may have been unable to transfer your current phone to your Fizz plan. You will receive an in-account notification explaining why the transfer failed and providing next steps for solving the problem. How to check your Fizz notifications

Reasons why we may be unable to transfer your number:
1. The number you entered was not recognized by your current mobile provider.

You may have mistyped your current phone number. Note that we can only transfer mobile numbers coming from the province of Quebec or the Ottawa region. Verify your phone number and try again.

2. Your current provider’s account number or phone IMEI is incorrect.

You may have mistyped one of these numbers. Verify your account number or IMEI and try again.

  • To find your account number: Your current provider’s account number will be on your most recent bill.
  • To find your IMEI: Dial *#06# on your phone’s keyboard. An IMEI number is your phone’s ‘identity card’. Your current provider uses it to associate your phone with your account. It also allows you to identify yourself and validate your phone number when you request a number transfer. Your current provider will only recognize the IMEI for the most recent phone you used with them.

Only the IMEI from the phone you used with your previous provider can allow the transfer of your number.

If the IMEI number is more than 15 digits long, only use the first 15.

3. Your PIN is incorrect.

Some mobile providers (for example, Virgin) ask you to enter a PIN when you transfer your phone number. You may have mistyped this PIN. Verify you PIN and try again.

4. Technical difficulties

You will receive an email and/or in-account notification within two hours that provides details about the specific issue and the steps needed to resolve any technical difficulties.

While we resolve this technical difficulty, your new Fizz plan will be activated so you can start using it. You will be able to make calls, text and use your data. You will not be able to receive calls or text messages (they will still be directed to your old provider). Read your in-account notifications. 

5. Your line is inactive

To transfer your number from another mobile provider, you must keep your previous plan active until the transfer is completed. If you have already cancelled your plan, we will not be able to transfer your number. In this case, choose a new number.

6. You entered an administrative phone number

It is not possible to transfer an administrative phone number — for example, a number associated with an organization or public institution. Please choose a new number. 

7. Your current provider is preventing your number from being transferred

It is not possible to transfer a number that has anti-port protection — a security feature that prevents numbers from being transferred. It’s also possible that your current provider has blocked your number from being transferred if you haven’t paid your bill with them. In these cases, speak with your current provider to lift the protection, or choose a new number.


Number transfers that are not currently offered.

It is currently impossible for us to transfer phone numbers that are associated with landlines and VOIP.


What happens if I can’t transfer my phone number?

If it’s impossible for us to transfer your phone number (and you’re still subscribed with your old mobile service provider), your subscription with that provider remains active.

Your Fizz account will be created and you’ll be able to make calls, send texts and use your data. You won’t, however, receive any calls or texts (these will still be redirected to your old provider). If the transfer is impossible, we’ll contact you with your options.

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I don't think so. You might have to cancel your current plan with Fizz and transfert your other phone number on a new plan.


But contact the support to be shure about the move to do 



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Like Fling said, the only way i can think of, you'll have to order a new Fizz sim card to transfer your other cell phone number and cancel your current "tryout" fizz number.

You can use my reference code DKJR7 when you transfer your other cell phone number and we will both save 25$ on your 3rd payment. you just have to enter the code DKJR7 after you confirmed your montly plan.

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