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What are badges for?

Hiii :)

I was wondering what is the badges use? Do they give you points or are they just superficial?

Because if they do have benefits somehow, there are many badges I should have unlocked by now but somehow they haven't been awarded???

For example I've been with Fizz for over 6 months and haven't been given any the Dinosaur badges.

Same goes for the Explorer and Sundae badges.

Can someone please try to explain to me what they're for exactly and how to unlock them?

Thank you :))



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They give you points each Time you make your monthly paiement. Fizz has problem with ther badges and you need to contact the support for your missing badge. I dit that last week for my 6 month dinosaur badge. At fisrt they told me they are automatic but they are not, another bug !
That's not a new situation, read this

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