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Travel Add-Ons in Japan - Reliable Network?

Does anyone have tried the Travel Data Add-Ons in Japan? I wonder if it's reliable enough.
A colleague used it in France and she said it was bad.
I'm wondering because it seems like the cheapest options for my trip. SIM cards in JP are very expensive!

Based on feedback provided by fellow Fizz customers, the Asia Travel Add-Ons work very well.


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To be sure you don t get in problem and unable to get support while you are far away buy a local prepaid card.
They have popular one in every country.
Good vacation !

Marlène remember you also need to be sure that your phone is compatible with the local frequencies. For the same phone (ex iPhone ) there exists différents models for different regions.

Maybe you can try to solicit feedback from Thomas who traveled to Japan in March according to this post:


One thing to remember when abroad is to try different carriers manually to see which one gives you the best connection.  When I was in Peru, the default carrier only gave me HSPA, but switching to a smaller carrier gave me LTE coverage.


If you do run into issues and you have access to wifi, you can try to contact support from abroad.  Not ideal, but they are accessible.


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