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Our modem doesn’t work from yesterday there is no internet connection,I tried to resat it but it didn’t help
Even the lights of modem are not on



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You plug in the modem and none of the lights turn on?

Make sure the power bar is on and that there is power for that outlet.


If problematic, please try factory reset of the modem.


Follow these troubleshooting tips:


If the modem lights do not respond, you may have a defective modem.

Contact Fizz support during business hours with this link:

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Hello Alimohammad ,

I am sorry to hear about your issue, please make sure that the power source is working properly, even if there is a bad connection the lights of the modem should be on. Also check the coaxial cable if it is well screwed on both ends. If the issue persists please contact us via Live Chat because we will need to do some manipulations in real time to check everything.

If you check the FAQ that Fizzy left here for you, you'll have access to the chat bubble also.

Thanks for the understanding.
Have a good one!

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