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Can't finish activation - Don't have facebook or twitter and the chat bubble doesn't appear (no adblockers)

As the title says I want to finish activation but when I enter my activation code (which was already activated when I transferred my number) it tells me it has already been assigned to a customer. Now everything works fine, I have no problems at the moment. If I need to chat to someone please offer something other than facebook or twitter, have some accountability on your end and take responsibility of your service.

Now the bubble chat is a good thing but honestly a phone company that doesn't have a contact phone number for their customers is very strange isn't it.



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Hi Dan,

Happy to have you among us. Our service is 100% digital and this is the reason why we don't have any contact phone number. You always have the possibility to send us an e-mail from you account under the section "My profile"/"Contact forms".

Thank you very much for your kind understanding.
Have a good one!

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It is not strange. Fizz is a low cost provider, therefore they cut expenses on service. Apparently having a call center is a considerable expense, and the chat option is not, especially when the support is somewhere in Romania ;-)