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How do I reach apprentice 2/5 etc...?

How do I reach apprentice 2/5, I feel like I am participating in the forum answering questions and liking helpful comments. Is there anything more that I should be doing in order to rank up faster?

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It's a question of time only. You will reach Apprentice 2/5 when you've been on this forum for a month. Rewards levels and levels on this forum are two totally different things.
The rewards levels are based on your activity on this forum (posting questions, answering questions, sending and receiving kudos, etc.) while the Apprentice levels are only based on time you've been on this forum.
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login everyday
be active for answering questions
Post questions
Give kudos
Refer friends

After all, promote Fizz as much as you can, then you will be a super Geek...and get rewards from Fizz.

(In personal opinion, what Fizz rewards you might not be comparable with the time you have spent.
Time is money, my friend!)