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How was you internet installation appointment?

My installation appointment is fast approaching and I wanted to hear from you guys about how your appointment went? Was the technician on time, did it go well, how long etc...?

Yes the technician was more than on time. The appointment was between 5 & 8 but he called me at 3 PM to see if I was available sooner so he was at my house within 10 minutes. I had been with Videotron in the past so the cable was already on place. He validated that the signal was good an then he left. I choose self installation. I unboxed the modem-router and all the instructions were printed inside the box. It was pretty easy.

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on my side the installation went smoothly the technician gave me the modem nd went to setup the internet I have Videotron before so it was a simple instalation

the tech came early in my case, he didn't call. The installation is quite simple for me as I already have cable internet on my previous ISP. He only check the line and drop the modem. I setup the modem myself. All went well.