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Why fizz closed my ticket without doing anything to resolve problem?

#36127 - Follow up on a complaint

My data upgrade still not working after 90 days investigation by fizz "special team" .

0 GB left though I should have 3g upgrade total for 3 months total. Today is my first billing day !!!

What's the excuse fizz will use this time?

I need 2g perk so I can use my data now. Is it very hard to implement as a workout? Need other "special" team to be involved?

How do you know you're the only one? I'm sure there were other beta testers who are still Fizz clients.
If you referred so many people, you should have free service for a few years. That's why Fizz doesn't value you as a customer lol.

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Reach out to fizz support again ASAP via Facebook chat, search fizz mobile.
They will respond and correct the situation within minutes.
Good luck

Fizz just replied me they manually added 2 upgrade to my account, I did see it.

Unfortunately this proved they never did anything to figure out why my upgrade disappeared.

ALL July upgrade ALL MISSING, June all missing as well. August 250m is missing (they added it manually for 300m and 500m, otherwise it's all missing).

Also I have 3 upgrade , disappears for past 3 billing cycle. First has one upgrade, current August and July both have 3 upgrade. Fizz only did two and 5 are still missing.

There are more than 2 dozens messages in between already. It's unbelievable how low efficient their support system is. Unbelievable.

Worst part is problem never been addressed so far.



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Unfortunately it's true Fizz support system is very low efficient



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Welcome to the club @Anne.
Same thing to me for the past month.
Contact support 3 times and until now nothing have changed.
Neither 500 mb or free voicemail has been applied as my upgrade.
Never had a reply and my billing cycle will renewed in 4 days

It's very bizarre. I never had any problem to resolve any issues I've had. I don't know if I'm THE lucky one and must say I never had many problems with them, but as far as I'm concern the experience with the custome support always been (almost) A1. Good luck.

I opened other ticket again and they repeat the same words, a "special" team is looking at hit now. They keep me waiting for 2+ billing cycles, I won't let Fizz cheat me again this time.

Fizz closed the ticket again without really fixing the problem.

#36542 - Question-Programs and features-Loyalty program

No it's not true at all. See screenshot below.

There are two problem in fact. First no 250m for August, 2nd WHERE IS MY MISSING addons for July and June ? NONE !!!

Is there a support manager who look at these long due cases in Fizz? I guess not, it's almost 90 days for this and Fizz close the ticket again and again after a few weeks "special" team investigation.

This time, please don't cheat me, please fix it and I won't let this ticket closed without fixing it.

Looks like another bug in the system.
What is really weird is that the same people experience this problem during months while others don't have it at all.

Yes , I'm the only one who has this problem. I referred a lot of people in beta test period, I'm the only beta user who has this non-data upgrade program.

Also I removed 300M addon last year from applied perk, but it's never been removed in the invoice I received. It's always there and never removed. I don't know this because I can't see if it's applied or not from "usage" link.

As one of Fizz's earliest beta users and one loyal customer who referred a few dozens people to join Fizz. I'm really disappointed on what I was treated so far.

#36542 - Question-Programs and features-Loyalty program

I didn't see the 250m upgrade for August though fizz support said twice it's added two days ago.

I didn't see my July upgrade carry over to August neither. Fizz never put it in my account.

No any carry over from June neither.

If Fizz can fix this 90 days old problem, I will be really appreciated.

Please assign some real "specialized" team to fix it. This is not a hard job .

There are some Fizz support are prompt. When I asked again for the no update ticket, the again called Cosmin give me some data perk as work out temporarily. The problem is not fixed yet but at least I know they're working on that and give me perk as workout for now.

Thump up for Cosmin. Thanks and I don't need worry my 750m data run out soon now.