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adding gift to a member who recommended FIZZ?

FIZZ was recomended to me by my daughterr but I cannot add the gift. I checked, myself I have "the full experience" and she has "private membership.". Every time when I use the management tab with her number the answer is "member not found". She gave me her code for reward. During SIMM activation, no question asked about this code.
Is this story about gifts when you join FIZZ just a legend?



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Unfortunately the 25$ referral bonus cannot be attributed retroactively. You should have entered it when you activated your sim before making the payment for your monthly plan. The box to enter the code is not too visible.
Another confusion about it is that many people think that adding the referral code is good enough when you purchase a sim card since the box appears there too, but in fact it is not necessary at all.
As for data gifting - your daughter's confidentiality level has to be Full experience because you need to add her as a Fizz contact first. When you have her as a contact, she can modify it back to Private membership and you will be able to gift her data.

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Hello Andrei,

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You mean the referral code to get $25 bonus? It's not a legend :)
The referral code should have been entered when you created your mobile plan, same page where payment was made.