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Why fizz can't fix data upgrade problem after 70 days?

#29674 - Technical issue-My Account-Display issue

It's pain on the ass to talk with Fizz "support".

They have no clue what they are doing , it's worse than useless.

There is 1g data upgrade applied on my account . Can't see how much is used and if it's used.

After 70 days investigation by "special team", now fizz told me I used all already.

It's never been applied, I "used all" because it's never been usable.

Fizz managers, it's time to reorganize your whole support team so it's not worse than useless. Thanks.

Hi Anne,

I am very sorry for everything you are experiencing. As I have checked your account I can see that our technical team solved your case and informed us that the upgrades will be available starting August 13th.

Thank you for your understanding.
Have a great day!

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