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Xbox live moderate NAT

The Xbox live status says NAT is moderate and UPNP unopened.
But in modem settings UPNP is activated.

Thank you

Hi Brass,

You may want to check the following settings:

1. Basic —> Port Forwarding —> “All Port Forwarding Rules”: Enabled. All upnp rules active or not fall under this table

2. Basic —> Gateway Function —> UPNP: Enabled

3. Security —> Firewall —> Firewall level: Minimum (This will ensure all outbound application and web traffic is unblocked)

4. Security—> Port Blocking —> Filter Enabled: Disabled

5. As a last resort you can try enabling port triggering
Basic —> Port Triggering —> All Port Triggering rules: Enabled

Let me know if none of these work.

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